Havens of Comfort and Relaxation

Slow down and take some time to smell the flowers. There’s always a little bit of heaven that you can find right outside your door, but only if you know how to get there. Call 7 SCAPES and we’ll show you the way! See the lush landscapes, zeroscape, desertscape, artificial turf we design, install, and maintain at businesses & homes in and around Clark County and surrounding areas  of Las Vegas, Nevada.

We offer natural organic soil amendment(s), fertilizer(s) and planting mix(s). 7 SCAPES prides our self on being the forerunners of innovation and thought introducing a new yet natural way to garden that the universe intended it to be for.

With many detriments facing the us living today, it's critical that we change not only the way we think, but way we practice using our natural resources meaning water and soil, if not only for our own safety and future, but the future of mines and your future generations. 

You can start making a difference, and it starts with 7 SCAPES...We Make Things Better!

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Feel free to discuss landscaping ideas with us. You can also send design plans that we may work on together with you. For homeowners’ association information, call us.