YOU GET EXACTLY WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Knowledge, Skill, Understanding, Passion, Quality, Commitment, Dedication, Honesty, Diligence, Pride, and Performance are all things that should be considered when seeking to have tasks and goals completed. These are the attributes necessary when choosing to use the services of others for our own personal tasks and goals. One cannot expect to demonstrate anything outside of their own character and work ethic. NOT EVERYONE takes PRIDE in what they do; NOT EVERYONE sees the end result as a reflection of who they are. 

We at 7 Scapes Inc. DO!

What more needs to be said!

Our landscape and lawn maintenance teams are made up of highly competent professionals boasting of more than 25 years of industry experience. Moreover, we use healthy, natural, organic products only.

No need to fret about not having the green thumb to handle all manner of home and gardening chores and/or home and/or lawn maintenance tasks, because we can do it for you. Rely on us to also provide you with a variety of other home and landscape maintenance and upkeep services. Best of all, you can count on us to do all these even while you’re away.

Consult the Home & Landscaping Specialists

Our services are available to homeowners in and around Las Vegas, Clark County, and Surrounding Areas. Contact us to ask for information or to consult with our home & landscape Consultants & designers.