Home Is Where Family Is

Las Vegas; the place of bright lights, fancy cars, and 24/7 entertainment. The place that sees over 40 million tourists a year, many for the first time, while others can't get enough of the nightlife, and return to Las Vegas on a regular basis. 
For many years, this tiny town has continually grown faster than almost every city in America, causing families from all walks of life to take that leap and finally decide to call the Las Vegas Valley Home. Is Las Vegas that place where you come during those long cold winter months? New to the area and wanting to be apart of the Hospitality Industry? Is this the place that you and your family call home?
Your home is a major investment because it is an extension of who you are and the lifestyle(s) that you enjoy.  It is the foundation, base, and starting point to building the future and legacy for you and your loved ones. There is no other place for peace, comfort, support, and love then in the home!

You ONLY get ONE chance to get it RIGHT...Make The Right Choice...7 Scapes Inc.! 

Your Kind of Scenery

Property specialists in the metro area would surely agree: you love to beautify exterior living spaces in ways that reflect your personality, cultural inclinations, and lifestyle. It’s all about curb appeal, and that’s where we get into the picture – to create the lush and fabulous surroundings you wish to have in your own abode.

Let’s Talk About Themes

Customizing front yard landscapes and backyards requires a serious amount of creative collaboration between homeowners and designers. Tell us about the themes you have in mind. By exchanging ideas with us, we can both come up with something that can transform home areas into havens of relaxation and entertainment. Call us to schedule a consultation with our landscape designers.

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